Sunday, February 12, 2012

Swipy for iPhone has been updated

Swipe and save.Couldn't be easier

Swipy allows you to quickly capture notes and have them sent to your email or Dropbox with just a swipe.

➩ How to use
Start typing a note and when you are done swipe the screen. Your note is immediately delivered to your email or to your dropbox.


✓ Simple
It’s as easy as entering the necessary email and Dropbox information one time, and then type your note and swipe to save.

✓ Fast
You will be surprised how fast your note is delivered in your email or dropbox.

✓ Easy
All you need to do is type a note and when you are done just swipe.
No more taps! Couldn't be easier.

✓ Convenient
You can activate from the main screen where you want to send your note.

✓ Integration
Swipy integrates with Dropbox and gmail.

✓ Desktop utility
We developed a great utility for Instantly preview your notes,photos or links on your PC.
For using this feature you have to download Swipy Desktop Software.

Here is the link or here
Also you can download installation instructions here

iPhone Application AppStore Link
iPad Application AppStore